Are we allowed to bring in our own flowers and decorations ?

Yes, but please consider that our chapel is beautifully decorated with creamy baroque columns topped with silk floral bouquets as you begin your walk down the aisle. Pews are decorated with chiffon and white silk flowers with candles poised above each pew. A spacious stage in front of the altar is illuminated by a pair of candelabras laced with crystals. The high vaulted ceilings of rustic wood are graced with an antique crystal chandelier and the rich oak stage offers a timeless sense of comfort. We encourage our brides to use our floral arrangements, however, you can bring in your own flowers providing you allow additional time for our flowers to be removed and yours to be set up during your reserved time frame. Fresh flowers cannot be mixed in with our silk bouquets, and all additional decorations need to be approved by our chapel